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Spring Cottage, Hunston Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1NP

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Tree Surgery in Chichester | Improving Garden Aesthetics


Here at Urban Nature Tree Surgery, we pride ourselves on our reputation as specialist tree surgeons. As such, we receive an array of queries regarding our services and how they can make Chichester gardens look their best. Whether it’s crown reductions, stump grinding, hedge cutting or site clearance, we assure our domestic customers and commercial clients that our personnel have the experience and expertise to improve the aesthetics of any garden.


Below, we have outlined four of the most popular services that property owners in Chichester utilise to rejuvenate their gardens, making them safer, healthier and more attractive spaces.


1. Tree Surgery

As a term, tree surgery covers a wide range of services, all of which can be found on the dedicated tree surgery service page. This wide-range of options have a transformative effect on a garden’s appearance. For example, crown thinning, reduction and lifting all improve the appearance of a tree while allowing increased sunlight into the space around it. On the more extreme end of the tree surgery scale, directional felling and sectional dismantling remove trees entirely. Needless to say, this completely changes the face of a garden, creating more space for landscaping projects.


2. Hedge Cutting

Hedges come in all shapes and sizes, but they tend to share one common feature: they are difficult to maintain without professional hedge cutting. Most hedges in Chichester sit in prominent positions at the front or rear of properties as key garden features. Due to this placement, however, it doesn’t take much for them to become an eyesore. When hedges grow shaggy and wild, they even start disputes and lower house values. Our tree surgeons perform hedge cutting services to your requirements, ensuring a neat and tidy finish year-round.


3. Stump Grinding

While tree felling rids Chichester properties of diseased and/or dangerous trees, the process of felling leaves behind a stump. Unless removed immediately by a tree surgeon, these often become lingering garden features. Sadly, they only get uglier as time passes, meaning they detract from the beauty of the surrounding garden. However, a simple stump grinding procedure reduces them to a safe level below the soil line, leaving them out of sight. In fact, following stump grinding, gardens not only look better, they become safer too as stumps represent a trip hazard and bacteria magnet.


4. Site Clearance

A site clearance represents the first step ahead of proposed landscaping or development work. On the domestic side, this includes clearing a garden for a clean slate before a complete overhaul, making room in the garden for an extension or even clearing a plot of land for a new build. Regardless of the project at hand, our tree surgeons perform complete site clearances with an emphasis on completing work on time, within budget and with optimal safety standards. With the specified area clear of vegetation and debris, you can begin whatever dream project you have in mind.


If you live in Chichester and require any kind of tree surgery, hedge cutting, stump grinding or site clearance work, call 01243 251 613 or 07804 893 111.

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Spring Cottage, Hunston Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1NP

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