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Spring Cottage, Hunston Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1NP

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Site Clearance in Emsworth | Clearing the Way for Future Development


Located in Chichester, Urban Nature Tree Surgery plays a pivotal role in domestic and commercial site clearance projects. We cover all locations in Hampshire, including smaller areas like Emsworth. We use a broad range of skills on site clearances, including tree surgery and felling, stump grinding, hedge cutting and hedge removals. Small or large, our company manages your project from outset to completion with pride, and with sensitive outlooks on environmental care.


Because Urban Nature trades as a company of qualified tree surgeons and not as a site clearance business that lacks some of the key knowledge associated with local ecosystems, our customers, and their properties and land, are always in the safest possible hands.


The ultimate objective of most site clearances in Emsworth is to clear the way for future development, not necessarily for construction purposes but often for new planting and regeneration programs that also require the knowledge of qualified tradesmen. Once more, this is an area were Urban Nature Tree Surgery makes a significant impact on the lives and working roles of its customers and clients.


Although felling, stump grinding and hedge cutting fall into key service categories for this type of work, our company has many more strings to its bow:


  • Prior to starting a site clearance, our tree surgeons perform full arboricultural inspections, check for tree preservation orders and evaluate environmental impact
  • We plan clearance and tree surgery operations carefully, and with due care for local plant and wildlife. This includes the safe relocation of all native species
  • Even our chainsaws and stump grinding machinery make use of biodegradable oils. Urban Nature Tree Surgery adapts the use of equipment to keep the air cleaner
  • Should you need to use us for hedge cutting or removal work in Emsworth, our company works around known breeding periods and never disturbs nests at critical times


Our Customers and Clients


Urban Nature has a wide, diverse and loyal customer base that consists of homeowners, local businesses, developers, local authorities and organisations which, just like our tree surgeons, always have the preservation of the environment firmly in mind. Our customers and clients understand that site clearances require a certain amount of sensitivity; something that we can deliver to them on each and every job.

Here is just a brief summary of what our site clearance services involve:


Tree Surgery – Everything from directional fells to sectional dismantling, and from pruning to pollarding, has a balanced approach that always factors in what happens next. This is easier on clearance projects in Emsworth with a scheduled replanting program in place, but a much bigger challenge when the purpose of the job is to leave space for development.


Urban Nature Tree Surgery can still help you plan ahead for the future by identifying what can stay, what has to go and how the client can instigate renewal programs.


Stump Grinding – Primarily used to remove unsightly remnants and tripping hazards, this is also a vital procedure for reducing bacteria and spore growth. An above-ground stump is a breeding ground for fungus, such as honeysuckle, and this can have a detrimental impact on surrounding trees on site clearances in more restricted parts of Emsworth.


Our tree surgeons use stump grinding machinery to take remnants back to sub-floor level, leaving a mulch to backfill the hole.


Hedge Cutting – The team at Urban Nature Tree Surgery can remove overgrown hedges as part of a site clearance program. Because most hedge species surround land, however, it is often more appropriate, and better for the environment, to cut and trim them. Hedge cutting promotes good land health, maintains land and property values, and can contribute to a more private home or business environment.


Our tree surgeons are equally adept in managing hedges as they are in the management of trees.


For advice on site clearances in Emsworth and the surrounding areas, call 01243 251 613 or 07804 893 111.

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Spring Cottage, Hunston Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1NP

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